Tomorrow’s Leaders,

Founded in 2003, Symmetry Peak invests in technology and emerging growth companies. For over 20 years, the Symmetry Peak team has focused on identifying and capitalizing on big ideas with exceptional risk/return characteristics.

Some of the firm’s most successful investments have included Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Google,  Netflix,, and NVIDIA.

Embracing Innovation

Symmetry Peak’s strength lies in our ability to identify the core attributes and properly value the IP that differentiate exceptional companies in high growth and rapidly changing industries.

The technology and emerging growth companies in our universe are at various stages of their life cycle — from nascent and emerging growth through mid-cycle and mature growth. 

Our Approach

At Symmetry Peak, we believe in focus. We have pursued a single investment strategy since the beginning and we have been continually refining the execution of this strategy over two decades.

Our process combines deep fundamental research and sector expertise with quantitative and technical analysis to identify big ideas early with strong risk-reward profiles. Our approach harnesses what we believe are the best attributes of the venture capital and private equity industries with the favorable transparency and liquidity benefits available in the public market.

Our strategy is designed to achieve world class returns over time by allowing the team to view their ideas within a long-term framework, yet maintain maximum flexibility in expressing those views.

Our Partners

  • Greg Boye, photo headshot

    Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer